Stuart Turner Factory Reconditioned ST66 Shower Booster Pump

Stuart Turner ST55 Pump

Product Description

Stuart Turner ST66 Positive Head Shower Pump


The ST66 Shower booster pump is a hot and cold booster pump and is ideal for boosting water pressure to a single shower, taps, and bath. This is a fully refurbished or recondition ST66 Pump.



st55 shower pump


Protective Box And Packaging Included With ST66 Pump

All our Reconditioned ST66 Pumps contain the following new parts:

2 New impeller wheels

New PCB Board

New 7uf Capacitor

New Mechanical Seal

4 New Anti Vibration Legs

The ST66 pump is a similar pump to the ST55 pump and gives a little more pressure but not noticeable if only used for a Shower sink or Toilet.

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