3 Bar Positive Head Monsoon Pump Standard Factory Reconditioned

Stuart Turner 3 Bar Positive Head Pump


3 Bar Positive Head Twin Stuart Turner – Factory Reconditioned 

Factory reconditioned Stuart Turner 3 Bar Positive head standard Monsoon booster pump.

This is a positive head booster pump that requires water gravity to activate the pump. This pump is manufactured to a high finish and is a twin impeller pump.

This pump is an excellent choice pump if you require a booster pump with great water pressure to boost water to showers or a bathroom. All our Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps are refurbished to a very high standard.

Product Description

3 Bar Positive Head Monsoon Pump Standard

Monsoon Standard 3.0 bar Twin pumps are designed to boost the incoming hot and cold water supply to a shower, bath, shower mixer or mixer tap or can be used as a whole house pump. Suitable for positive head applications only not negative applications, This is a Factory reconditioned pump.

All our Monsoon 3.0 Bar reconditioned pumps contain the following new parts.

New PCB Board

New Capacitor

2 New Mechanical Seals

All O Rings Changed

2 Pump Reed Switches

Full Pump Test