Shower Pump Repair Shower Booster Pump Repairs

Expert Shower Pump Repair Services And We Cover All Areas In Dublin And Sourrounding areas

We are experts in the repair of the most common makes of shower pumps Including Stuart Turner & Grundfos Shower Booster Pumps. Look no further we have repaired thousands of shower pumps in the Dublin area and the most common problem is always electrical and can be repaired in your own home by one of our pump repair technicians.

We can organise a speedy repair of your existing shower pump or if needed we can replace your pump with a Stuart Turner of Grundfos shower pump. We can repair most of the high end shower booster pumps on the market today and we can do this without talking your shower pump away as we can fix it on site in your home. We also sell a great range of New and Reconditioned shower booster pumps

Shower Pump Replacement

If your shower booster pump is a Monsoon or Stuart Turner pump there is a very good chance your pump can be repaired and If your pump is not the above we will have a replacement shower pump to replace your existing pump.

Our engineers carry a range of replacement shower pumps to cover any problems encountered. Why not call Domestic Pumps today and enquire about getting a replacement pump or your existing pump fixed. Contact Domestic Pumps For All your shower pump needs in Dublin. If you need your existing shower pump repaired we can call out to your home to do a full repair on your pump.

Stuart Turner Showermate Pump Repair 1.5 Bar or 2.0 Bar

Showermate Shower Pump Repair

The Stuart Turner Showermate Eco shower pumps are a great solution to boost your hot and cold water to your shower, bath and sinks. Sometimes this pump can be repaired depending on the fault. Most problems that we seen on the showermate eco is low pressure on the hot side of the pump or a buzzing noise coming from the pump. Contact us today if you are experiencing any of these problems and get a quote for a repair.

Stuart Turner Monsoon Shower Pump Repairs

Monsoon Positive Head Shower Pump
The Monsoon Positive Head Shower Pump Repair. There are many different types of shower pumps on the market today and most of these pumps cannot be repaired but if your pump is a Stuart Turner or Monsoon brass shower booster pump there is a very good chance your pump and be repaired. Most of the problems we see on a daily basis on Stuart Turner Monsoon pumps are electrical and mechanical problems. 99% of the time we can repair any problem encountered on these Monsoon pumps.

Monsoon Shower Booster Pump Repair

Monsoon Shower Pumps
The Monsoon Negative Head Shower Pump is a very popular pump and can be used to pump the entire home with excellent water pressure. Again we have repaired hundreds of monsoon pumps over the years and all mechanical and electrical problems can be repaired and these include pumps leaking, buzzing , and power problems. These pumps are manufactured in 1.5 Bar – 2 Bar – 3 Bar – 4 Bar.

Stuart Turner ST55 Shower Pump

ST55 Shower Pump Repair
The ST55 Shower pump is a very robust shower pump and has stood the test of time. We have seen these pumps in operation for over 15 years and very little can go wrong on these pumps. We have repaired and reconditioned these pumps and they still pump and boost water each day with just a minor repair required. Most of the problems we see are pumps that leak, Buzzing or low water pressure. Again all these problems can be repaired by us.