Shower Pump Repair

Shower Pump Repair And Replacements

If your shower is powered by a water booster pump you may take this pump for granted and only when it fails you realize how important this booster pump is to you. If your shower booster pump is a Monsoon or Stuart Turner pump there is a very good chance your pump can be repaired. If your pump is not the above we will have a shower pump to replace your pump.

We carry out repairs and installations each day on all the main types of pumps. Don’t go without your shower call us today and we will get you back up and running with a repair or shower pump replacement.

Stuart Turner Monsoon & M330N Shower Booster Pumps

The Stuart Turner Monsoon pump range would be classified as a Quite silent pump and they will give you very good pressure in a standard shower or power shower rain head type. Normally depending on your property you may require a positive head pump or negative head pump. A positive head shower pump would be used in a house where you have a water tank in the attic and a negative head pump would be used in an apartment where the tank is on the same level.

Contact us today for more information on our repair and pump replacement services. We offer a same day or next day call out services and our prices are very competitive on new and reconditioned Stuart Turner shower pumps.


shower pump ST15 Monsoon Shower Pump M330N Shower Pump


We mainly service and repair Stuart Turner and Monsoon Shower Booster Pumps Including:


  • Monsoon Shower Booster Pump Replacements And Repairs
  • Stuart Turner M330N Apartment Booster Pumps
  • ST55 1.5 Bar Positive head Shower Pumps
  • ST66 2.0 Bar Positive head Shower Pumps