Common Pump Problems

12 Stuart Turner & Monsoon Pump Problems 

Common Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump Problems

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump Problems 

If you have any of the problems listed below your Stuart Turner water pump can be easily be repaired using the right spare parts. If your pump is not working it can be repaired by us in your own home as we have service engineers on the road each day. If you bring your Stuart Turner pump to us we can repair your pump in less than 30 minutes  in our workshop or you can request a call out.

These are the most common problems found on Stuart Turner Monsoon water pumps and all are fully repairable.


  1. Pump is making a humming or buzzing noise and will not not start. 
  2. Pump has water leaking from one the side normally the hot side.
  3. Pump has no power and you need to turn it on and off from the socket on the wall to get the pump working again.
  4. No water pressure in your system.
  5. Burning smell coming from your water pump.
  6. Pump comes on and off for no reason every few seconds or few minutes.
  7. Pump runs continuously. Do not let your pump run continuously unplug or turn it off from the switch on the wall ASAP as it will cause major damage to the pump.
  8. Pump has no power going to the motor.
  9. Low pressure on one side or both sides of the pump.
  10. Pump works fine for a few hours then cuts out.
  11. When your pump comes on it trips the main fuse board.
  12. You only have cold water in your kitchen sink. Most common in apartments.

You may have been told that your pump cannot be repaired and you need to purchase a new water pump costing you over €700 and this may not include installation. This is not the case as all of these pumps can be repaired. Its very rare that a Stuart Turner or Monsoon pump cannot be repaired. Why not view our full range of Reconditioned Pumps

We use new spare parts in all our repairs and reconditioned pumps.

It is important when you get a repair on your pump that the parts used in the repair or recondition are new parts and not second hand parts. We only use the Aqua Flow Products brand which are new parts and can be used in every Stuart Turner water pump including monsoon and universal pumps.

If your pump runs continuously its important you turn the power off to your pump as soon as possible. You can do this by switching off the power from the socket in the wall or by removing the fuse on the wall. A pump that runs continuously will burn your motor out or worse it can cause a leak in your pump.

Domestic Pumps for a fast and friendly service. If you require a call out to your home to arrange a pump repair or drop into our repair center in Ballymount just off the M50 where we can diagnose the fault with your pump and have it repaired the same day.  


Stuart Turner Pump Problems