Water Pump Repairs

Water Pump & Shower Pump Repair Dublin

There are many different types of water pumps on the market today from high end quite pumps to the more cheaper plastic pumps and some of these pumps may need a water pump repair carried out after a few years of use. At Domestic Pumps all our services cover the greater Dublin area and all surrounding areas.

If you have a brass bodied water pump its more than likely the more expensive type like a Stuart Turner Monsoon or a Grundfos STN or STP Pump.

If your booster pump is not working you may require a water pump repair and this can be carried out on your home without taking the pump away.

We can repair the entire Monsoon and Grundfos STN and STP models including the Stuart Turner pump range.

Water Pump Repair Dublin

Dublin Monsoon Water Booster Pump Repairs

Most water pumps will boost the water pressure in your home or business and the most common pumps are positive and negative head pumps.

These type of pumps are mainly found in the hot press on the ground beside your hot water cylinder.

Around 50% of water pumps are fully repairable depending on the make and model. We are specialists in the repair of the Monsoon and Stuart Turner range of water pumps

If you have a Stuart Turner Monsoon or universal water pump that needs repair we can repair the pump in your home or why not drop your pump to our workshop and it can be fixed within 45 minutes in your home or at our workshop.

We provide a same day or next day and on site repair in your home and we cover the Dublin area as we know how important your water pump is to you.

If you live in an apartment and your water pump stops working you may only have cold water pressure in your kitchen sink and this is a sign that your water pump is broken and needs a repair or replacement.


Replacement Water Pumps

In the unlikley event that your water pump is beyond repair we carry replacement water pumps in our Van’s to cover any situation on domestic water booster pumps to get you back up and ruining with water pressure in your home or business.

We will always try and repair your pump first as most water pumps may only need a repair after seven to eight years.

Domestic Water Pump Repair 

Many homes may have a water pump installed in the hot press or under the the bath to pump water to your entire home or just a shower.

In some areas in Dublin the water pressure is very low and this is why a water pump is needed. The pump will boost water from your hot and cold tanks around your home or business.

When a water pump fails it may have a big impact on your daily life depending on what the pump is running.

If the pump is boosting water to your entire home you may not be able to flush the toilet turn the taps on or take a shower. So it’s important to get your pump seen to as soon as possible one it starts to give you trouble.

At Domestic Pumps we have extensive knowledge and experience in the repair of the most common Stuart Turner Monsoon and Grundfos pumps. All our work is carried out on a no fix no fee so if we can’t repair your pump there is no charge.

If you are in the Dublin area and require a service to your pump why not call us today for a home call out or take your pump to our repair centre in Ballymount and we can repair your pump while you wait.