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Stuart Turner Pump Repair

Stuart Turner Pumps Repairs & Parts


It is more economical  to repair your water pump than to buy a new water pump that may cost you over €1000 for the pump and the installation of the pump. Pumps can easily be repaired in your own home and take less time to repair than installing a new expensive water pump.

Stuart Turner water pumps are built to last and have gained a great name in the pump industry for manufacturing solid well built pumps. However nothing lasts for ever and your pump will most certainty need replacement parts after eight to ten years which is not bad at all. We can repair almost any fault on a Stuart Turner pump once the motor is ok.

The older type Stuart Turner pumps were built using Brook Crompton motors which are the green motor and used on pumps manufactured before 2009. In our opinion these motors are one of the most solid motors built and may last for years. Its not uncommon for the brook Crompton motors to be still running after 20 years of daily use. You cannot repair a motor you simply replace the parts on the pump only. All the pumps built before 2009 will have this green motor and all can be repaired.


We repair all models in the Stuart Turner range including the following:

  1. Stuart Turner Monsoon negative and positive head pumps.
  2. Stuart Turner universal negative and positive head pumps.
  3. ST55 and ST66 shower booster pumps.
  4. Stuart Turner 1.5 Bar Pumps 2 Bar Pumps and 3 Bar Pumps.
  5. Stuart Turner M330N Negative head brass pumps.
  6. Showermate Eco 1.5 bar.

All the above pumps are used in apartment blocks to booster water from the main water tank in the apartment. They are also used in houses to boost water to showers and bathrooms.


Stuart Turner pump repair and spare parts include the following:

  1. All monsoon and universal pump repairs.
  2. Mechanical seals replaced.
  3. Non return valves replaced.
  4. PCB & start capacitors replaced.
  5. Pressure vessels / pressure switched replaced.
  6. Magnetic reed switched replaced

All repairs carried out are done with new parts on all repairs. Always ensure your pump repair is done with brand named parts.

New Stuart Turner Pumps.

Stuart Turner Repair - Monsoon Repair

Stuart Turner Universal 2 Bar Negative Head Pump

The Monsoon Universal 2.0 bar negative head Twin pumps are designed for full installation into a vented system to pump and boost both the hot and cold water supplies in apartments and houses. The Monsoon negative head pump is designed for both positive head and negative head systems and contains a pressure vessel.

When purchasing a new Stuart Turner pump you get the following

  1. Guarantee 5 Years
  2. Flexible hoses 4
  3. Dry run protection
  4. Pump body ( Brass )
  5. Impeller ( Brass )
  6. Maximum head (closed valve) 2.0 bar
  7. Fuse rating  5 amp
  8. Boost hot and cold water services to the complete home, bathroom, kitchen or cloakroom.
  9. Pressure the supply in applications such as loft conversions, where outlets are higher than the water source