Reconditioned Pumps

Factory Reconditioned Stuart Turner Negative Head And Positive Head Pumps.

Domestic Pumps are the largest supplier of fully reconditioned Stuart Turner/Monsoon shower booster water pumps in Ireland and the only company that fully reconditioned these pumps to a high standard.

All our reconditioned Stuart Turner water pumps come fully polished with a high finish. If you wish you can trade in and or you bring in your old water pump and we can repair your pump while you wait. We recondition the Monsoon M330N M550N and ST55 Stuart Turner range.

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Reconditioned Pumps

What Is The Difference Between A New Pump And a Reconditioned Stuart Turner Pump?

A fully reconditioned water pump is NOT an old pump or a pump that has been repaired. Basically a reconditioned pump has been built from all brand new parts and will look and function exactly like a new water pump. The only difference is price and a new pump will cost a lot more than a reconditioned pump. All our reconditioned pumps are rigorously tested at our pump centre in Ballymount. We specialise in the recondition of Positive head and Negative head Monsoon Stuart Turner pumps.


All Our Reconditioned Negative Head Water Pumps Come Complete With All New Parts Including The Following:

  • 4 New anti vibration legs.
  • New PCB board.
  • New Starting Capacitor.
  • 2 New Bearings
  • 2 New Mechanical Seals
  • 2 New Non Return Valves
  • All rubber o rings, seals and screws
  • New pressure switch
  • New Zelmet expansion vessel
  • New Electrical Cable

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At Domestic Pumps you can be assured you are getting a high quality reconditioned pump that was assembled and fully tested using only new parts.

Reconditioned Pumps

Note : If you see reconditioned pumps on the market and they have the silver pressure vessel then that pump is not fully reconditioned its second hand. We only use the new zilmet original pressure vessel on all our Reconditioned Stuart turner negative head pumps.