Pump Questions

These are the most common questions we are asked on a daily basis regarding Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps

Home Call Out / Pump Repair Questions

There are many reasons for a Domestic water pump to turn on and off for no reason. The most likely cause is something in your system requesting water causing the pump to turn on and off

  1. Check your toilets for any water drips in the toilet bowel.
  2. Check shower heads and taps for any drips.

Once you have eliminated these then you will have a problem with your water pump and you will need to get the pump repaired.

If you have no water in your apartment this maybe due to one or two problems

  • No mains pressure coming into your apartment. The way to check this is to turn on your cold tap in the kitchen. If you have pressure in the cold tap and nowhere else then the problem is with your water booster pump.
  • If you turn on the cold water in your kitchen and you have no water then the problem is outside of your home. Check with your neighbors to see if they have the same problem as the mains has been turned off and check with your property management company or Irish Water and these can tell you what areas are affected.

There maybe several reasons why your water pump will come on and off in your home or business. One if the most common reasons why a water pump will come on and off is because you may have a problem with your toilet taps or shower. The most common problem is the toilet ballcock dripping and this will cause your pump to come on and off.

If you have eliminated any drips in your system then the problem is your pump and you will need to get this looked at as soon as possible to avoid any damage to the pump motor or electrical components on the pump

This will depend on what type and make of shower pump you have. There are different types of shower pumps on the market today and these include mains booster pumps, single head pumps and shower / home water booster pumps. Most often if your pump is a Stuart Turner or Monsoon pump it can be fixed buy us.

Different companies specialize in the repair of different shower pumps. If your shower pump is boosting hot and cold water in your home or business you will need a company that are specialists in these particular water pumps. Contact us today

Plumbing companies can only replace pumps and cannot repair pumps so they will naturally replace your pump even if the problem is a very small.

This could be very costly for you if you replace a Stuart Turner pump with some companies charging Astronomical charges of €1200 or more to replace a negative head pump so its worth getting a pump company who are specialists to repair your Stuart Turner pump and you may get another 10 years out of your pump. You maybe lucky to find a plumber who can repair your pump but these are rare.

We work on a no fix no fee basis which means we will call to your home to repair your pump and if your pump cannot be repaired we do not charge you. When you call our office to book a call out we can advise you of the cost if your Stuart Turner Or Monsoon pump is repaired. We can fix 99.9% of problems on Stuart Turner and Monsoon pumps

New Stuart Turner Pump Or Reconditioned Pump?

Cost To Replace A Domestic Water Pump

The cost to replace your domestic water booster or shower pump will depend on the model of pump you choose. There are many different types of water pumps on the market today and these pumps range from high end brass bodied pumps to plastic shower pumps.

The cost will also depend if any plumbing pipework needs to be altered to accommodate a different model pump.

Reconditioned / Refurbished pumps are more economical depending on your budget.


Water Pump Repair Cost

New Pump Or Reconditioned Pump

Depending on the company you choose will depend on the price for supply and fit of the pump and you could be charged anywhere between €550 to €650 to replace your old pump with a fully reconditioned pump or around €350 for a Semi reconditioned pump which means the pump does not contain all new parts and is a mixture of new and second hand parts so we always recommend a Fully reconditioned pump which will last you longer than a semi reconditioned pump. Semi reconditioned pumps range in price from €350 to €420 where Fully Reconditioned is from €500 to €595 and this should include the supply and fit of the pump.

For a new pump you could be looking anywhere between €750 and €1200 to replace your pump with a new model. Again these prices will depend on the model and make of the pump you choose and the company you choose. Contact us today for a full quote to replace your Domestic water pump.

Pumps are manufactured in all shapes and sizes so its important you get the right water pump. You can opt for a positive head or negative head pump depending on your needs.

A Reconditioned Stuart Turner or Monsoon pump is NOT a second hand or pump that has been repaired. All our pumps are assembled using only new parts so you can be sure you are getting a quality product. All our pumps are fully tested at our pump center. A Reconditioned negative head or positive head pump will work and function exactly the same as a new Stuart Turner pump the only difference is price.

We are the only company in Ireland to Fully recondition both negative head and positive head Stuart Turner and Monsoon pumps

Pump Installation Questions

We offer a supply and fit service on all our new and reconditioned Stuart Turner & Monsoon pumps. If you already have a pump installed and require a new installation why not contact us today.

We offer very competitive prices on all Stuart Turner replacement pumps & install

Pump Warranty Questions

This depends on where you purchase the pump. According to Stuart Turner you must buy an Irish model to get any warranty. UK models do not carry any warranty if installed in Ireland so if you are going to buy a pump online ensure you will receive a Model with ” ROI ” after the model number. ROI = Republic Of Ireland. If you receive a pump without ROI this may not be under warranty.

There are a lot of UK companies online selling pumps into the Irish market so always ask before you purchase the pump is it a Republic of Ireland model?  Does it have ROI on the box

Below is an example of what should be on the Box. As you can see the Model number has ROI beside it for Ireland.


Ireland Stuart Turner Model


UK Stuart Turner Model

stuart turner uk model

This pump may not carry the Stuart Turner warranty if installed in Ireland

When we install our own reconditioned Stuart Turner pumps we give a one year warranty which includes a call out to your home to replace any parts that are needed. We can offer this warranty as we complete a free system report for you and we will advise you of any defects in your system that may damage your Stuart Turner pump in the future.

If you or your plumber purchases a pump from our shop we give a one year workshop warranty which means you can bring back your pump to our workshop for testing.

Stuart Tuner Water Pumps

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps are very robust Pumps that will pump thousands of liters of water over the Pumps lifetime.

All twin brass Stuart Turners Pumps can be repaired depending on the fault. The most common problem is electrical problems or Pumps that leak from the brass section on the pump. Why Buy a new pump when you can get your existing pump repaired



Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump Prices

The price of a new Stuart Turner pump will depend on many factors. 

These factors include the type of pump you require as Stuart Turner manufacture brass bodied pumps and plastic pumps. The price will also depend of the bar of pump you require 1.5 Bar 2.0 Bar  3.0 Bar and upwards.

You may require a negative head or positive head pump. Negitive head pumps are more expensive than Positive head pumps.  



If your Stuart Turner pump is leaking it will more than likely be leaking on the hot water side of the pump and this leak would be caused by your water temperature over 65 degrees and once over this temperature it will cause damage to some mechanical parts on the pump. We carry all parts to repair this type of fault on your pump in your own home or at our workshop.

Water Pump Making Buzzing Or Humming Noise

If your Stuart Turner pump is making a clicking noise or buzzing a number of parts could cause this sound normally its caused by an electrical part gone faulty on the pump. We can repair all electrical problems on these pumps,

Humming or buzzing pumps can be repaired by us in your own home or at our workshop in Dublin.