Apartment Pump Not Working ? 

You may have one of the below problems and most cases your pump may be repaired

We offer a call out service to your home to repair your apartment water pump or you can bring your pump to our workshop for repair.

  • How can I disconnect my water pump:
  • In most cases this is not a big job it should take about 10 to 15 minutes to take out but we would advise you to ring your local plumber to do this as there is electricity involved?
  • I live outside the Dublin area, how do I get my water pump to you? This is an easy procedure you just fill in the online enquiry form and one of our staff will call you back within the hour to organise the collection of the water pump for the next day.
  • When I send the water pump to you do I leave the pipes and hoses on it: No please ensure that any pipes or hoses are taken off before you send it to us because we do not need these to repair your water pump.
  • Is it going to cost me any money if the pump can’t be fixed: the answer to that one is easy “NO” we work on a no fix no fee bases.