Stuart Turner Reconditioned Monsoon Universal 2 Bar Pump

Stuart Turner- Reconditioned Monsoon

Product Description

Stuart Turner Pumps Monsoon 2 Bar Universal Negative Head Reconditioned Pump

monsoon universal 2 bar negative head


This pump has been fully refurbished and is the new type Monsoon universal pump. The pump will give 2 bar pressure and is ideal for situations where a negative head pump is required like apartments or a house that does not have enough gravity to activate a positive head pump.

Pump comes complete with protective box and packaging


Each Monsoon Universal 2 Bar pump is Reconditioned using all the following new parts

New anti vibration legs.
New P.C.B. board
New Starting Capacitor
New Electrical Cord
2 New Bearings
2 New Mechanical Seals
2 New high temperature non-return valves
All rubber o rings, seals and screws
New pressure switch
New expansion vessel ( The new black vessels )

At Domestic Pumps you can be assured you are getting a high quality reconditioned monsoon pump that was stripped down and assembled using only new parts.

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