Stuart Turner M330N Negative Head Pump Factory Reconditioned

m330n pump


Stuart Turner M330N 1.5 Bar Negative Head Pump 

€250 With A Trade In Of Your Old M330N

Flexi Hoses not included please Click here to purchase hoses


Pump Comes Complete With The Following New Parts

New anti vibration legs.

2 New inlet filters – Very important on a water pump

New P.C.B. board
New Starting Capacitor
New Electrical Cord
2 New Bearings
2 New Mechanical Seals
2 New high temperature non-return valves
All rubber o rings, seals and screws
New  pressure switch
New Stuart turner expansion vessel

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Product Description

Stuart Turner Reconditioned Negative Head M330N Pump

Reconditioned Negative Head Stuart Turner Pump


  • Fully reconditioned pump and fully tested.
  • For prices without a trade in please contact us.
  • Protective box and packaging included with pump.
  • If your old pump is missing parts it will still have a trade in value.
  • Fully Reconditioned Stuart Turner M330N water pump.
  • Flexi Hoses not included please Click here to purchase hoses

Tips On When buying a Fully Reconditioned M330N Stuart Turner Pump Always Look For The Following.

Always ensure when purchasing a reconditioned M330N pump that all the parts used in the recondition are new parts and not used or reconditioned parts otherwise the pump will only last a few months and cost you more money.  All our pumps are fully reconditioned using new parts and the pump is stripped down, rebuilt and sprayed.

An easy way to tell if an M330N pump is NOT fully reconditioned it will have a silver pressure vessel on top and these have not been sold on the market for over 7 years. We only use the new original Stuart Turner black pressure vessels.

A Fully reconditioned M330N pump will have a brand new black pressure vessel.