Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump 2 Bar Universal Twin Brass Pump

2 bar monsoon universal
5year 5db

799.50 585.00

Product Description

Stuart Turner Monsoon Negative Head 2.0 Bar Universal Twin Brass Pump.


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  • * 5 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee Included


Suitable for open vented systems to pump both the hot and cold water supplies equally.
Negative or positive head: Suitable positive or negative head conditions.
Solid brass construction.
Anti vibration feet.
Quiet operation (from 50db).
Includes 22mm flexible hoses (305mm) with built in isolation valves (push fit).
Inlet strainers included.
Ideal for boosting hot and cold water to the complete home, bathroom, kitchen, cloakroom or loft conversion.
Flow switch: Fully automatic. Gravity flow not required to start pump.
Flow switch sensitivity: Approx 0.6 Litres per min.
Maximum flow: 35 litres per minute maximum.
Equivalent to raising the cold water cistern 20 metres above its current position.
Water pressure: 2 bar.
Pre wired with 1.5 meter power cable.
All electrical connections should be carried out by a qualified electrician.
Power consumption: 435 Watts.
Fuse rating: 5 Amps.
Enclosure BS rating: IPX4.
WRAS approved.
Republic Of Ireland model with 5 year warranty


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