Stuart Turner Pump Factory Reconditioned M330N Negative Head Pump

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Stuart Turner M330N Negative Head Booster Pump

To Purchase This Pump In Our Shop €250 with a trade in of your old M330N Pump or €350 without trade in

Flexi Hoses not included please Click here to purchase hoses

All our reconditioned Stuart Turner M330N Negative head pumps are built using all new parts. The pump has been striped down and re sprayed and built back up using all high quality parts.

Our Reconditioned pumps are FULLY tested in our pump centre. The M330N Pump can be found in 98% of apartments around the country and is considered one of the best water pumps on the market today.

We also supply and fit M330N pumps in Dublin and surrounding areas. Contact us for a Quote if you need us to replace your old M330N pump with a fully reconditioned pump.

Or we can repair your old M330N pump in your home or at our workshop.


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Product Description

M330N Water Booster Pump


This is a factory reconditioned M330N pump containing all brand new parts and has been fully tested.

The Stuart Turner M330N 1.5 Negative Head Pump Is Ideal For The Following Uses In Apartments And Houses.

  • To Boost hot and cold water services to the entire apartment or house, bathroom, kitchen. sink or shower.
  • Ideal for attic conversions, where outlets are higher than the water source.
  • To Pressurise the complete system where it is uncertain whether a positive flow is in the Apartment or House this is a universal pump that can be used in both situations.

Our reconditioned M330N pumps contain the following new parts.

  • Stuart Turner Partcode 44273
  • 2 New inlet filters – Very imporant a water pump
  • Protective box
  • New anti-vibration legs
  • New PCB board
  • New starting capacitor
  • New electrical cord
  • 2 New bearings
  • 2 New mechanical seals
  • 2 New non-return valves
  • All O-rings & screws replaced
  • Electrical Housing Box and Lid
  • New pressure switch
  • New expansion vessel
  • Re Spray & Pump Polish

Trade in your old Stuart Turner M330N pump. If your old pump is damaged in any way or missing parts it will still have some value for a trade in. We also purchase old M330N Pumps.

Or we can repair your old M330N pump in your home or at our workshop.


Tips when buying a Fully Reconditioned M330N Water Pump 

Always ensure when purchasing a reconditioned M330N pump that ALL the parts used in the recondition are brand new parts and not reconditioned parts. All our pumps are fully reconditioned with new parts and the pump is stripped down, rebuilt and re sprayed.

An easy way to tell if your pump is NOT fully reconditioned it will have a silver pressure vessel on top and these silver pressure vessels have not been sold on the market for over 7 years. We only use the new original black pressure vessel.

At Domestic Pumps you can be assured you are getting a high quality reconditioned pump that was stripped down and assembled using only new parts.

If the pump you are purchasing has the old silver pressure vessel it is not Fully reconditioned.




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