Shower Pump Noise Reduction Mat

pump noise reduction mat


Product Description

Shower Pump Noise Reduction Mat

The Silent Mat is one of the worlds quietest anti vibration shower pump mats on the market today and uses the latest technology in acoustic sound absorption materials to dampen sound vibration caused by a noisy water booster pump or shower pump. Very easy to install and will fit under your pump. Tested against other noise reduction mats on the market and the Silent mat is 80% quieter.

pump noise reduction mat

Pump Mat Measurements:

Lenght –  200mm
Width –   140mm
Height –  30mm


Don’t let your shower pump cause sleepless nights for you and your neighbors. You can sort that problem today with the Silent Mat. For water booster pumps and shower pumps and many other uses.

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Shower pump or water booster pump noise and anti vibration mat. Suitable for the most common models of domestic shower pumps on the market.

The Science Behind Our Shower Pump Mats

There are two factors what make our noise reduction mats are the quietest mats in the world. Vibration and Density

First Factor: Vibration 
Vibration travels in sound waves and by simply breaking or disturbing the frequecy of vibration it can greatly reduce the ambient noise levels by up to 90%.
We discovered this technique of lines going through the material in our
Shower Pump Noise reduction mats came about by mistake ” like most discoveries where made” we noticed that every mat had lines going through the material where considerably quieter than material without the lines going through them.
Our engineering team started to do research into this and only discover that it was everywhere but why isn’t it in any of the noise reduction pump mats out there especially when it makes such a difference.
We don’t know the answer of that maybe they are not aware of it.
Second Factor: Density
We noticed that all of the other mats sold in the market today all use similar material some very soft and some very hard and the density has to be perfect.
If it is too dense/hard the mat will not work and same goes for if it is too soft.
The hardness of the material is so important to eradicate the noise factor.
This is a very important factor because noise will travel and vibration displacement it is measured by frequency range of 10Hz to 1KHz.
There are 3 main parameters to measure and evaluate vibration and that is:
Our Anti Vibration / Noise Reduction Mats have all of these parameters covered.