Starting Capacitor 7uf

stuart turner start capacitor
stuart turner start capacitor start capacitor stuart turner


Product Description



Stuart Turner – Starting Capacitor – 7uf   17670


These 7uf starting capacitors are manufactured to the highest standards designed for water booster pumps. This is a high quality starting capacitor. We also provide 10 UF Starting capacitors.

7uf Start Capacitor / Water Pump Capacitor.


This starting capacitor is compatible with the following Stuart Turner Pumps


All Stuart Turner Monsoon  1.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pumps
All Stuart Turner Monsoon  2.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pump

All Stuart Turner Universal  1.5 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pumps
All Stuart Turner Universal  2.0 Bar  Negative & Positive Head Pumps


M330N Negitave Head Pump
ST55 Positive Head Pump
ST66 Positive Head Pump