Cost to replace a domestic water pump?

Cost To Replace A Domestic Water Pump

The cost to replace your domestic water booster or shower pump will depend on the model of pump you choose. There are many different types of water pumps on the market today and these pumps range from high end brass bodied pumps to plastic shower pumps.

The cost will also depend if any plumbing pipework needs to be altered to accommodate a different model pump.

Reconditioned / Refurbished pumps are more economical depending on your budget.


Water Pump Repair Cost

New Pump Or Reconditioned Pump

Depending on the company you choose will depend on the price for supply and fit of the pump and you could be charged anywhere between €550 to €650 to replace your old pump with a fully reconditioned pump or around €350 for a Semi reconditioned pump which means the pump does not contain all new parts and is a mixture of new and second hand parts so we always recommend a Fully reconditioned pump which will last you longer than a semi reconditioned pump. Semi reconditioned pumps range in price from €350 to €420 where Fully Reconditioned is from €500 to €595 and this should include the supply and fit of the pump.

For a new pump you could be looking anywhere between €750 and €1200 to replace your pump with a new model. Again these prices will depend on the model and make of the pump you choose and the company you choose. Contact us today for a full quote to replace your Domestic water pump.

Pumps are manufactured in all shapes and sizes so its important you get the right water pump. You can opt for a positive head or negative head pump depending on your needs.

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