WiFi Water Leak Alarm



Product Description

Smart WiFi Water Sensor Flood and Leak Detector 

1.Simple, free 24/7 home monitoring of your home or business environment for water leaks. Instant alerts. Helps to avoid expensive leak damage and repairs to your property.


2.Battery Wi-Fi powered, allows for flexible and convenient placement without wires, under sinks, by Pump, Washing Machine, by toilets and hot water heaters, doorways or any where you think you might have a water leak. Battery powered with low energy consumption, it can operate in standby mode for over 6 months or more.


3.The Wifi water leak alarm sensor Provides remote home monitoring. You can set push notifications to your mobile devices or sound and vibration for early alert of leaks in your home.

Alarm and App Notification Alerts No Expensive Hub Required, Simple Plug & Play

4.PLUG & PLAY with Tuyasmart app,No hub required,simple download the “tuyasmart”app on iOS and Android,and link it to the water sensor.From the app you will receive push notification of water leakage and it also possible to keep on eye on the battery level of the device.