Can Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps Be Repaired

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pumps are very robust Pumps that will pump thousands of liters of water over the Pumps lifetime.

All twin brass Stuart Turners Pumps can be repaired depending on the fault. The most common problem is electrical problems or Pumps that leak from the brass section on the pump. Why Buy a new pump when you can get your existing pump repaired



Stuart Turner Pump Costs & Prices

Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump Prices

The price of a new Stuart Turner pump will depend on many factors. 

These factors include the type of pump you require as Stuart Turner manufacture brass bodied pumps and plastic pumps. The price will also depend of the bar of pump you require 1.5 Bar 2.0 Bar  3.0 Bar and upwards.

You may require a negative head or positive head pump. Negitive head pumps are more expensive than Positive head pumps.  



Stuart Turner Pump Is Leaking

If your Stuart Turner pump is leaking it will more than likely be leaking on the hot water side of the pump and this leak would be caused by your water temperature over 65 degrees and once over this temperature it will cause damage to some mechanical parts on the pump. We carry all parts to repair this type of fault on your pump in your own home or at our workshop.

Stuart Turner Pump Making Buzzing Humming Noise

Water Pump Making Buzzing Or Humming Noise

If your Stuart Turner pump is making a clicking noise or buzzing a number of parts could cause this sound normally its caused by an electrical part gone faulty on the pump. We can repair all electrical problems on these pumps,

Humming or buzzing pumps can be repaired by us in your own home or at our workshop in Dublin.