Monsoon Pump Repair

We Repair And Replace The Stuart Turner Monsoon Pump Range.

The monsoon pump range are trusted as a high quality water booster pump and has been installed in thousands of homes and businesses. We can repair 99.9% of the problems encountered on Monsoon water booster pumps. We also sell fully Reconditioned Monsoon universal 1,5 Bar & 2 Bar pumps from €250 with a trade in of your old Stuart Turner universal negative head pump. 

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Repair Or Replace Your Monsoon Water Pumps

We offer a home call out service whereby we can repair your pump in your home without taking the pump way for repair. We have several vans on the road each day and all our engineers will have a large range of monsoon spare parts to fix any problem. We aslo carry a range of 1.5 Bar 2.0 Bar New and reconditioned replacement pumps in our vans.

We also offer a full refurbishment service on your old pump.

We can repair and refurbish the following models of monsoon pumps.

  1. Monsoon Universal 1.5 Bar Negative & Positive Head
  2. Monsoon Universal 2.0 Bar Negative & Positive Head
  3. Monsoon Universal 2.5 Bar Negative & Positive Head
  4. Monsoon Universal 3.0 Bar Negative & Positive Head
  5. Monsoon Universal 4.0 Bar Negative & Positive Head

The monsoon pump is a universal water pump which can pump water in a positive or negative head situation.


New Pumps

Reconditioned Pumps