monsoon pump repairs

Has your tenant contacted you with a problem on a Stuart Turner Monsoon water pump?

Have they told you the pump has one of the following problems?

  1. No water in taps toilet or shower
  2. The pump is leaking
  3. No power is going to the pump
  4. Water pressure is low
  5. Pump is making a strange noise
  6. Pump comes on and off
  7. Need to switch the pump on and off to get working


If so we can help resolve any of the above problems in your home without taking the pump away. We use a very simple process for call outs and most of the time we can repair the Stuart Turner / Grundfos pump on the same day you call us, or next day depending on how critical the problem is. Just follow the below steps and we will have your tenants pump up and running in no time at all.


  1. Contact us and describe the problem with the pump, the model if Stuart Turner or Monsoon.
  2. Provide us with your tenants name and address.
  3. We will contact your tenant and organise a day and time to call out and repair the water pump.
  4. We do a full free system report and will issue this after the repair of the pump.
  5.  Once the pump is repaired we will call you for payment. This can be done by credit over the phone or cash on the day.


Phone : 01 4190423
Phone : 01 4190424